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As we seek new colleagues, our managers have access to search in our database as part of recruitment. Here you can put your application and CV in the job category that you think suits your desires for your dream job with TDC.


Sales and Marketing 
Do you love sales and customer contact, or do you want to create happy customers via campaigns, events and other marketing activities? Whether one or the other takes your fancy, we guarantee development, excitement and influence. For us at TDC, sales and marketing are simply about giving our customers a great experience. If this comes natural to you, a job in sales and marketing may be just for you.
Unsolicited of Sales and Marketing.

Management and Project Management 

Our vision is about simplicity, putting the customer first and working together. If this strikes a chord in you, and if you can inspire the same values in others, a job in management or project management with us at TDC may be just for you. Particularly as a manager, you must be able to create commitment, inspire and motivate to make your employees achieve their full potential – to reach your goals as well as those of the team. You can become part of a company which focuses intensely on management development and which, among other things, offers a professional project manager programme.
Unsolicited of Management and Project Management.


Product Development and Product Management 
Can you create new product successes by applying your market knowledge, your analytical skills and your creativity? If the answer is yes, a job in product development and product management with us at TDC may be just for you. We guarantee you lots of challenges and cross-organisational collaboration.
Unsolicited of Product Development and Product Management.


HR and Administration 
More than anything, TDC’s success depends on our many skilled employees. They need constant development, and we need to find new and competent colleagues for them as well as efficient people who can maintain an overview and establish structure. If you have the ability to create structure and an overview, or if you have a knack for spotting and developing competencies, a job in HR or administration with us at TDC may be just for you.
Unsolicited of HR and Administration.


Analysis and Planning 
Can you procure, comprehend and handle extensive data volumes, and can you identify what is important and translate your knowledge into specific proposals? If the answer is yes, a job in analysis or planning with us at TDC may be just for you. If you are also able to communicate your knowledge in a brief and concise manner, you possess some of the most important qualities we are looking for.
Unsolicited for Analysis and Planning. 


Do you want to influence the strategy of one of Denmark’s largest communications companies? Can you also think through a strategy from the initial idea to the final proposal, and are you able to establish and handle relations with business partners on a wide scale? If the answer is yes, a job in strategy with us at TDC may be just for you. We have high requirements to your analytical skills, experience and theoretical background, but on the other hand, we offer extraordinary tasks.
Unsolicited for Strategy.


Finance and Purchasing 
Our financial control is vital to operations as well as development, and we therefore set high requirements to the competencies of our employees. If you want to help us secure our financial control, a job in finance with us at TDC may be just for you. If overview, prices and negotiation are your home ground, a job in purchasing may be just for you.
Unsolicited for Finance and Purchasing.


Communications of the future are based heavily on technology. And at TDC, we want to remain at the cutting edge. Therefore, we are always thinking in lines of technological development and possibilities for improvement. As an employee, this requires you to be systematic, quality conscious, target-oriented and to basically have a sound technological understanding and interest. You will join an environment characterised by teamwork, humour and a positive attitude towards customers and colleagues.
Unsolicited for Technology.

Tips og tricks selvbetjening
For us at TDC, efficient IT solutions are a vital part of our business foundation. We work with large IT projects and complex issues – and our solutions must always benefit our customers. If you are one of the best in your field, a job in IT with us at TDC may be just for you. You can expect a professionally challenging environment with competent colleagues.
Unsolicited for IT.
TDC Butik

Are you longing for a working day among great colleagues who love to sell and compete? TDC has 2.5 million customers throughout Denmark. If you are ready to put in a serious effort to make a difference to many of them, you may be ready for a shop position with us at TDC. You can look forward to a quick pace and a constantly changing working day with lots of fun between customers and colleagues.
Unsolicited for Shop.


Legal matters 
Do your skills lie in legal counselling and negotiation? And do you thrive in a job characterised by independence and a requirement to prioritise and make decisions? If the answer is yes, a job in the legal department with us at TDC may be just for you. Your professional skills will be challenged, and you will be collaborating with many different business areas.
Unsolicited for Legal Matters.


Regardless whether you are a natural born salesman or you prefer working with technology and IT, you will get the opportunity to accelerate you career with us at TDC. We hire new trainees every year for our retail, technology and IT departments. If you have the drive and the skills, you can join us in providing more than 2.5 million Danes with new communications options.
Unsolicited for Trainees.


Customer Service and Call Centre 

If TDC is to remain among the elite, we need to deliver best-in-class service, sales and consulting – and that requires ambitious and dedicated employees who are truly committed to achieving their goals. Our customer centre staff are telephone ambassadors for TDC, and they are ready to spring into action when the phone rings. So if you are good at selling, answering questions and advising customers over the phone, a customer service or call centre function with us at TDC may be just for you.
Unsolicited for Customer Service and Call Centre.


We at TDC have high ambitions – also for our communication. In the Communications department, we work strategically and are determined in all our activities. If you match our commitment and ambitions, and if you are able to coach, advise and manage projects as well as perform at all levels of the organisation, a job in communications with us at TDC may be just for you.
Unsolicited for Communications.

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